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Protect your home & valuables - Top tips!

How can I better protect my valuables at home?

Protect your home & valuables - Top tips!
As the summer draws to an end, many of us are heading back to work after holidays abroad or staycations here in the UK. Some of you may be teachers or parents who have had most of the holidays off and have thusly spent a lot of time coming to and from your home all day long. In short, a lot of us have spent more time at home than we would normally do and now that the new academic year is upon us, some of your homes may suddenly become vacant from 9am-5pm again.

During the holiday periods, routines are often lacking, which means that suspecting burglars have a more difficult task on their hands. So now that we are leaving the joy of summer behind, what can you do to keep your home a bit safer?