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A Wide Range Of Window And Door Fittings And Locks

Solent Locksmiths are able to offer an extensive range of window and door furniture and locks for both UPVC, Wood and Metal.

  • uPVC Door Fittings

    uPVC Door Fittings

    Solent Locksmiths are agents for many leading window and door technology manufacturers including GU Ferco, Maco, Roto, Yale, Winkhaus, Hoppe, Avocet, Millenco, Fullex and Fuhr.

    We stoke and fit a variety of uPVC door ironmongery ranging from door locks, door handles, uPVC restrictors, uPVC door hinges to internal mechanisms and letterboxes.

    uPVC door handles

    We can supply and fit a wide range of internal and external lockable UPVC door handles.

    Multipoint uPVC door locks

    Multipoint uPVC door locks have a multi point mechanism which could be deadbolts, hooks, mushrooms or pin bolts. This kind of lock is very familiar for use on a front door due to its multipoint mechanism increasing its security functionality.

    uPVC door hinges

    Solent Locksmiths can supply and fit butt hinges, flag hinges and rebated butt hinges to fit uPVC double glazed doors. Butt hinges tend to be the more familiar hinges found on older doors with flag hinges being more popular on newer ones. Rebated hinges are being phased out but we are still able to find certain replacements.

    uPVC door letterboxes

    Broken letterboxes or ill fitting letterboxes will allow draughts and increase your heating bill. We can supply a wide range of styles and fit of letterboxes to fit your uPVC doors.

  • uPVC Window Fittings

    uPVC Window Fittings

    uPVC window restrictors

    uPVC window restrictors are perfect for families with young children who need to restrict the opening area of the window to prevent accidents.

    uPVC window locks

    Solent Locksmiths can provide locking handles or additional locks for uPVC windows. We will endevour wherever possible to fit all locks in the same building with the same key mechanism so that there is no need to have multi keys under one roof for ease and convenience.

    uPVC window handles

    Solent Locksmiths have a wide range of uPVC window handles available of different sizes and finishes. Window handles are available with multi point locking mechanisms.

  • Alluminium Window & Door Fittings

    Alluminium Window & Door Fittings

    Solent Locksmiths stock a vast selection of the very best quality, durable and safe replacement locks for aluminium doors that money can buy. Whether you require an aluminium door code lock, aluminium cylinder or a deadlock, we will be able to provide you with a variety to chose from and expert advice and fitting.

    Aluminium door handles

    Specifically designed for use with aluminium doors, Solent locksmith are able to supply and fit an extensive range of internal and external locking handles of different shapes and style.

    Aluminium window and door hinges

    Aluminium hinges have been long favoured for windows and doors for a long time. They are durable, non corrosive and long lasting. Solent locksmiths have a full range of aluminium hinges for your aluminium door hinge and aluminium window hinge needs.

    Aluminium door locks

    We are able to offer a range of aluminium door code locks, aluminium cylinder locks and deadlocks to fit most aluminium door. These aluminium door locks are specifically designed in their fit and durability for aluminium doors, providing security and peace of mind.


    Usually used in commercial aluminium doors, cylinders are fitted for extra security and lockability. We can supply and fit cylinders to suit your needs.

    Security devices

    Whether you are needing a security door, locks, restrictors or bolts. Speak to Solent Locksmiths who will give you a detailed run through of the security devices available for your aluminium doors or aluminium windows to increase the security of your home or premises.

Door And Window Security

Windows and doors are how potential burglars gain access to your property and possessions.  The necessity for window locks is often underestimated and keys are too often lost for both doors and windows.

Many insurance policies state that ground level door and external windows must have a locking system operated by key.  Please check out your personal policy for your own requirements and for further crime preventions tips.

Solent Locksmiths cover an area covering Southampton, Portsmouth and surrounding areas.  We have two offices located in Hedge End and Park Gate and are available 24/7 for emergency locksmith callout.